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G-ME Range

Entry level Line Interactive 650-1500 VA

G-NET Range




G-NET 19" Rack Mount Range

TODC 19" 2U plus 2x Batteries


G-NET Hard Wired Range

6-10 kVA


Power Plus Premium [10-100 kVA UPS]

The Power+ Premium, is an innovative upgraded modular 10 - 100kVA UPS system designed to flexibly grow


Power + Classic [10-50-100 kVA UPS]

Power+ Classic is an electrically and mechanically modular 10-100kVA UPS system, uniquely designed to grow flexibly as power requirements grow.

Power+ 19″ 10-20kVA UPS

Online double-conversion modular UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply - for a 19″ rack 10kVA-20kVA. This is a 19″ variant

Power+ Rack Mount 10-(50)-100kVA

Power+ RM is a complete, end to end 19″ 10-100kVA or 10-50kVA rack mount solution, ideal for data centers.

Power+ FS 10-(50)-100kVA UPS

Power+ FS is a modular UPS sub rack, which can be installed into a 19″ cabinet.

Power+ SA 10kVA UPS

This is a stand-alone 10kVA version of the Power+ UPS in a unique light and compact design, weighing only 18 Kg.

Power+ SA 20-40KVA UPS

Power+ SA 20/30/40kVA is one of the most sophisticated Stand-alone ON-LINE double-conversion UPS available in the marketplace today.

Mega V2 SA 25kVA/25kW UPS

True ON-LINE double conversion UPS (true on line battery)



Mega V2 (125-250kVA) UPS

The new Mega V2 module provides the same MTTR to users while allowing for the local partners substantial savings.

Mega V2 Modular UPS System 125kVA to 500kVA

The new state of the art Mega V2 backup system enhancing user experience dedicated to improved serviceability and connectivity.


MST Series: ON-LINE double-conversion UPS

ON-LINE double-conversion UPS, 6kVA Optional long back up time and matching battery cabinet are available

UPS-SP Series

The µPS-SP series features three-phase online double-conversion UPS systems with a power range of 6kVA to 200kVA.
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About Gamatronic

Strategic Excellence Position

Strategic Excellence:

For over 4 decades of hands on experience, Gamatronic has been dedicated to providing you with the most advanced modular power-protective technology in the world!  

Answering Market Needs:

Gamatronic, established in 1970, has accumulated over 4 decades of experience in the UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply - business and technology, specializing in identification of the modern market's developing power needs, and in provision of cutting edge power solutions.


As a world leading provider of cutting edge modular power technology, Gamatronic's endless pursuit after new technologies and innovations has resulted in numerous advanced and unique power solutions designed to meet the most sophisticated customer needs,.   Based on a wide product range and high engineering capabilities, Gamatronic offers multiple modular power protection solutions including UPS solutions, DC Power systems, inverter systems, converter and DC-DC Systems, along with power control and management products for power dependent and critical applications.


Over the years Gamatronic has been developing and establishing its own brand and distinctive product line, globally known for its dependability and innovation.   Gamatronic's devoted team of managers including sales, R&D, projects, accounting and production managers - have all grown with us from the very beginning, embracing the Gamatronic vision as their own.   Gamatronic, a public company since 1994, has been showing stable and constant growth for over 4 decades of operating with full transparency. Our world presence has reached more than 80 countries during the last 12 years.


One of the main keys of Gamatronic's global success is our ongoing emphasis on flexibility and technical excellence. Thousands of local & international projects, based on winning integrations between customized and standard solutions, were successfully provided by us to customer such as the IDF, world defense industries, worldwide OEM projects, international integrators like ECI, Nortel, Alcatel, Huawei, Ericsson... etc, as well as hospitals and other critical applications, IT centers, and  many more.

Service Philosophy:

Gamatronic's professional service team is dedicated to our vast international operations, with promptness, skill, and special sensitivity to solving specific local technical needs, as well as overcoming language difficulties and time zone differences painlessly and efficiently. Values such as availability, personal attention and quick response are always considered with utmost importance.   Our experienced sales managers are in constant and direct contact with our international Partners, offering ongoing support in multiple aspects of pre-sale, post-sale, marketing, promotion, etc.

Achievement Recognition:

Gamatronic has received multiple awards from various institutes around the world: Industry Leadership award from the Israel Manufacturers Association; Outstanding Commitment to Quality and Excellence award from the International Quality Crown awards; Quality & Professionalism award from the Israel National Center; Ernst & Young awards for best entrepreneur of the year and more.

Public transparency:

Gamatronic is a public company traded in the Israeli stock exchange.

Future Opportunities:

Gamatronic's proven success and stable growth, based on perpetual technological innovation as well as on winning marketing strategies and service philosophy, has been opening new horizons for Gamatronic, enabling us to seize new growth opportunities and sustain our leading position as world industry leaders.     Gamatronic - The World's Leading Provider of Cutting Edge Modular Power Technology.

The company's UPS systems are known for their outstanding quality and they provide uninterruptible power supply to defense industries, IT centers, hospitals and companies all over the world. Gamatronic specializes in modular ups and is also known for its military UPS and marine UPS. Gamatronic offers a wide range of uninterruptible power supply systems including online double conversion UPS and three phase UPS. Gamatronic's efficient uninterrupted power supply solutions will guarantee your peace of mind!

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