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IEC Extension  C13 - C14 ( Locking C13) 10 Amp

Black    - C13-C14

Orange - C13-C14

Blue     - C13-C14

White   - C13-C14

Red      - C13-C14


UK Mains - C13 ( Locking C13)

Black      13A - C13

Orange   13A - C13

Blue       13A - C13

White     13A - C13

Red        13A - C13


IEC Extension C19 - C20 ( Locking C13) 16 Amp

Black     C19-C20

Other colours available to special order


 UK Mains - C19 ( Locking C19 ) 13 Amp fused


Black 13A -C19


IEC Commando IND309 - C19 ( Locking C19)


Black IND309 - C19


IEC Lock system PDU's



IEC Lock+ Extension C13-C14 ( Locking C13 ) 10 Amp


+ New Easy Release Locking System


Black      C13 - C14

Orange   C13 - C14


World Wide Mains Connectors



EU Schuko -  C13

USA Nema  - C13

IEC Lock  Re-Wireable C13 Socket

LSOH Connector Only



Ask about larger quantity packs.

Custom Made IEC-Lock Cables

LSOH IEC Lock Cables

- Custom Length

- Adaptor Cables

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About IEC Lock


IEC Lock is the unique Locking IEC system where the IEC Female will lock onto almost any standard IEC Plug securely. This is to help protect accidental disconnection of power cables thus helping you to product computer systems and other vital equipment.



IEC Locking cables are now recommended to replace almost any standard cable connection of C13-C14 or C19-C20 to provide a secure power connection. 


Data communications are available for both 10Amp and 16Amp connections.  Locked in power connection's help to reduce accidental disconnection in many Data Centres where dense cabling to  servers is common place, and any disconnection can be highly costly. Medical equipment in Hospitals is often vital and it can be critical if power cut's off.  

Mobile Military systems and moving vehicles, or Marine applications on board ship are constantly under vibration which normally means eventual disconnections, IEC Lock cables are now being used internationally by Army, Navy and Airforce's as well as on many merchant sea vessels to avoid this.   

The Broadcast industry has always had demanding cable links and cables often get pulled or kicked out from mobile equipment both indoor and out, IEC Lock solves one part of the problem and is available in high visability colours.

Motor racing and other sports require equipment to be connected on and ready at all times or that vital time is lost, IEC Lock is now a favoured choice of many Formala One teams to secure power cables to pit equipment. 

Many devices are hard to reach behind and any a power cable coming loose can be a usual problem, so almost everywhere we look and every piece of equipment with an IEC connection is better connected with an IEC Lock cable.  KVM Choice keep stock available of most common lengths and colours and we are constantly adding to the range, or building to order special lengths or different connector combinations so call us now for price and availability if you cannot find what you are looking for straight away.

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