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Raritan PDU Ranges and PDU products 

" The Most Reliable Easiest to Use Future-Proof PDU'S "

Raritan Develop Over 200 New Custom PDU'S Per Year each 


PDU - Special grab a bargin stock clearance models (All with a KVMChoice RTB 1year warranty)

Raritan PX-5000

Series (Remote Switching & Outlet Metered) PDU's

Raritan PX-1000 

(Bar Metered Only) PDU's


Raritan PX-2000

(Outlet Switched & Bar Metered) PDU's

Raritan PX-3000

Inline Meter Units

Raritan PX-4000

Outlet Metering PDU's Only POA

Raritan BCM2

Branch Circuit Monitoring

Raritan Sensors

Including SmartSensors

Power IQ (Now Sunbird) - Software for Central Access and Power Control

Raritan EMX2 

Enviromental Monitoring Hub

Raritan Range PDU Selector


Raritan ATS/STS

Static Transfer Switches

Raritan SecureLock PDU Power Cables

PDU Controllers

NEW: ' iX7-PDU-CTR '


PX3, PX2, PX and DPX  Power Distribution Units


Raritan product list  


We carry mass stock's of Raritan PDU, Sensor products and all supporting parts in the UK, call for assistance for the most suitable Raritan PDU, size, configuration or  project planning   0845 999 5010

About Raritan

Raritan is a proven innovator of power management solutions from high quality dumb to the most Intellegent PDU's and Environmental Sensors. Also KVM-over-IP for data centers of all sizes. In 50,000 locations worldwide, Raritan's award-winning hardware with compatible software solutions increase energy efficiency, improve reliability, and raise productivity.



Raritan is part of the Legrand group offering even more data, power products and services strenghten in the Global DataCentre market by Raritan. Raritan offering the Intelligent power area products. Raritan is one of the world's leading providers and manufacturers of KVM Technology, Power PDU and Server management technology products today and since September 2015 a brand and part of the Legrand group.

Established in 1985. Today Raritan are a global provider of Intelligent PDU, Cat5 KVM, KVM-over-IP, serial-over-IP, server and network monitoring and management solutions. Raritan's products and solutions allow businesses of all sizes to monitor, access, control and manage hundreds of servers and other IT devices from anywhere at anytime. Our award-winning KVM technologies help dramatically reduce costs associated with hardware, personnel, physical space, power consumption and security.

With more than 50,000 data centers around the world Raritan solutions also help reduce IT infrastructure downtime while boosting the productivity of IT staff. After two decades of profitable growth and technical innovation, Raritan products are used to control millions of servers. With a long list of customers including such global names as IBM, Intel, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, the United States Post Office and NASA. KVM Choice are pleased to provide these products of such high quality and performance in the most efficient manner that we can to compliment the full service to you. 

Platinum level Supplier, the Kvm Choice Group is a Raritan Premier Supplier therefore can offer you the highest level trained advisors and technical support services.

Free expert advice is offered only by us on all the Raritan PDU ranges along with Raritan other accessories, Raritan's offers a complete and broad range of Intelligent Power control PDU's and Raritan Power monitoring products. This includes not only popular standard configuration stocked models but the availability of special configuration BTO (build to order) models. This PDU Choice site provides easy links to the power relates Raritan Products for the full range of Raritan products available from KVM Choice Group please see our dedicated Raritan Product range site:


Raritan's PX3 Intelligent PDU awarded Grand Prize Best of Show Award at Interop Tokyo 




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